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Game destroying Bug?



So I just bought the game for the holidays was supe excited to play and play I did, for like 15 hours straight. However after reloading I noticed that all the areas I'd previously been too had respawned their enemies... At first I thought maybe the game just DID that and I hadnt noticed yet because hey I hadnt quit out of the game yet, but then I noticed weird stuff happening like cutscenes and stuff playing over from earlier in the game and I had no idea what was happening.


In the end the game started locking up when certain cutscenes would play over like the area at the very beginning and there would be no continuing.


Honestly this bug has taken the wind out of my sails for the game and I hope to hear it gets fixed or something

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Hello there!


I am experiencing the same thing  and many others are as well (just google for "map reset pillars" or "can't enter heritage hill".


First I just found it odd, that all the enemies and items (including unique ones) had respawned. I only realized that this was a bug when cut scenes and dialogues started anew too. It got really annoying, when this bug prevented me from re-entering Heritage Hill for the bounty hunting quest! The doors are closed yet I cannot obtain the key, since the Heritage Hill quest has been completed and won't start again.


output log and save file can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d5saqfpqwrdd0z0/AABb9lPm0FlxJhI7JlJE-KCIa?dl=0

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