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[TWM 2.03] Visions and Whispers - Impossible to advance quest



Hi. This issue happened in 2.03 GoG version.


So, on my achievement hunting trip this weekend I started a new game to get the "No Rest for the Pro" achievement. Apparently, the game is not made to support someone going for this achievement. I made a party and rushed all accessible areas to clear them and do all quests before resting at the inn to conserve my available rest opportunities for the mid to end-game. I finished the quest "Lord of a Barren Land" siding with Kolsc and killing Raedric. Went back to the Gilded Vale inn to get some much needed sleep and head off to Caed Nua, only to realize that the quest "Visions and Whispers" will not update. Apparently, completing the former quest removes all the corpses from the tree making it impossible to complete the latter.


A quick search revealed that others encountered this issue like 8 months ago... So please, if 8 months later it has not been fixed, yet, can it be in a "Known Issues" post at least? Unless there is a workaround for this? I do not want to use the console again, I will not be able to complete my achievement that way.


My "output.log" file appears to be 30MB size by the way, so I compressed it in zip format to be able and attach it...




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I have created a new game to test out our issue and I was able to progress thought the quests after completing  Lord of a Barren Land. Though all the corpses were removed from the tree, the dwarf woman you need to speak to was still there and I spoke with her and the quest progressed forward. 


Did you speak to the dwarf woman before heading to Caed Nua? 

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Hi and sorry for the late reply.


Unfortunately I deleted the file and started again, followed the same path and sided with Raedric this time and it was fine. Got my No Rest for the Pro achievement. :)


I tried it again, too, and the dwarf woman was there indeed, but I wasn't able to speak to her. The problem was that the dream sequence at The Black Hound would not happen when resting, therefore when I went to the tree after resting the woman did not have the interactible circle or no trigger as usual was firing while approaching her.


I may have clicked on the eastern edge of the Black Meadow map to see if I could reach Caed Nua before the dream sequence and speaking to the dwarf woman, then remembered to head back to town. Not sure if that helps at all. Caed Nua never appeared on my world map in any case.

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