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[TWM 2.03] Traveling to a location and landing in invalid entrance, can't move!

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This is a bug I encountered before in my TWM 2.02 version while playing a full party Trial of Iron run again. That time I did not care about the achievements and used console to fast travel to another area and fix it, but now I want to go after the Triple Crown Solo achievement and I cannot afford to use the console solution again.


The problem this time is the following: I was exploring Black Meadow Caed Nua (sorry for this!) and travelled from the western exit towards Gilded Vale and appeared at the location illustrated in this image: http://imgur.com/Lh3Xj1U. I cannot move from that location no matter where I click, be it open area or building entrance. The same bug occured back in 2.02 when I traveled from inside Raedric's Keep to the outside area through the main entrance.


Obviously, I cannot load a previous save file to resolve this in Trial of Iron with the game autosaving in the new, faulty location and the moment I use the console I cannot do any achievements. This is really annoying and I am afraid of starting again a TCS ordeal to only end up in a similar spot after many hours of wasted effort and time from my life...


I am using the GoG version of the game and verifying, deleting and downloading again has not helped with this problem.



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Hi, as the topic title states this happens in 2.03 and I encountered it in 2.02 again before.


Just an update, it appears that when this happens if you manually click save when in the middle of nowhere and not able to move, then you exit the game, restart it, load and appear in the map somewhere and can move again. Managed to do this and get my TCS achievement.


As a side not, if trying to replicate it you may want to try copying the game saves folder. I have been moving the folder from the desktop to my laptop because I was traveling and wanted to continue in the meantime. This weekend I played a whole TCS from start to finish on one system and never encountered the error, that's why.


In short, if anyone encounters this, too, then: manually save your game through the menu, exit the game, restart, load and should be ok.

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