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World of Darkness

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They also released a hilariously bad trailer.


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"Lulz is not the highest aspiration of art and mankind, no matter what the Encyclopedia Dramatica says."


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oh, and job opportunities a-knocking...





The future development of the World of Darkness will be done in cooperation between White Wolf Publishing and third party partners. The role as Editor is to review and provide feedback on the work performed by the partners, while also help and guide them in the metaplot and at the same time allow for creative greatness.

The Editor will be a key resource for White Wolf Publishing's licensing model and the role will require a profound experience of both World of Darkness and game systems and literature.

The job

A large part of the role will be to review third party products such as tapletop RPG books, computer games, card games, board games and novels. It will mainly be WoD based products, but it will also include other IP’s owned by White Wolf like Exalted. Development and editing will concern language, rules systems, setting details and art. The goal is to ensure a consistent and high level of quality that our partners would be unable to achieve without our help.

The editor is also the liaison between the Lead Storyteller and third party licensors, applying core changes and developments to products through constant fluid communication with the involved teams. An important aspect of the job will be to communicate the vision and direction of WoD to external partners. The Editor will when possible assist the Lead Storyteller in the development of the core metaplot, while also handling the review process and the overview of the products in development.


  • The right candidate will have strong grasp of the English language, able to provide quality feedback on written material.
  • Capacity to quickly formulate chaotic notes and ideas into clear comments and documents.
  • Deep and profound passion and knowledge of the classic World of Darkness
  • Game-design / system design experience
  • The ability to clearly and fearlessly critique the work of others while deliver it in such a way that a constructive dialogue can take place
  • Must be willing to travel internationally

Scope: Full time and permanent
Reports to: CEO of White Wolf Publishing
Location: This position is based in Stockholm

If you think that this description matches your background, we highly encourage you to apply as soon as possible as we will interview candidates continuously for this position. In your application, please show us why your previous experiences and skills would work for this role. If you don't match all the requirements, please demonstrate how your passion, attitude and interest might compensate for this.

Since we strive for a more even gender distribution we highly encourage women to apply to this role.

"Cuius testiculos habeas, habeas cardia et cerebellum."

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