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White March Install Fails (Mac OS 10.11.2)



Hi there. I have the GOG version of PoE, which plays great, fully updated to 2.0.3. I am currently running Mac OS 10.11.2.


Let me know if you want more specs, and I can provide them.


I then purchased The White March (also the GOG version), and tried to install it. 


Description of the problem:


When I try to install the White March DLC however, I get the message that the game cannot be found, and that the installation failed. Pillars of Eternity however, is residing in my Applications folder like everything else, so I'm not sure what is wrong.


This issue happens in different user accounts, and occurs in Safe Mode as well as when booting normally.


Attached is the installer log, if that helps.


I would love any assistance the could be provided, and I'd like to be able to install what I purchased. Let me know if there is any info I can provide that would be helpful.

Installer Log 14-Dec-2015.txt

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Hello jbnatedog,


Are you using the GOG site to install the game or GOG Galaxy? If you want, you can download GOG Galaxy and that will be the easiest way to install the game and keep it up to date. It works similar to Steam.


When installing TWM, make sure you select the Pillars of Eternity.app and not the contents folder. 



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