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Heritage Hill entering top tower level stuck on load screen



Hi all.


As the topic says - trying to complete Undying Heritage but whenever I go from tower level 2 to the top level the game gets stuck on the load screen.


I left the game for more than an hour in this state and came back to still being stuck on the load screen....


I have read about the load / save times but not sure this is the same.


I deleted all but my main save and have tried running the game on lower res and in windowed mode etc but still nothing happens.


I cannot progress any further in game until I have completed undying heritage so I am a bit bummed now....


Any help is welcomed.



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Aarik D I did the game cache and it found 4 failed files and so it is downloading them as i type this.


will update once the files are done :)




Aarik D - verifying the game cache worked :) thank you very much for your help

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