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Character appearance customization

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I will start with this sub-forum entry word "Talk about your gameplay experiences, hopes & dreams".


There is no doubt that PoE is the one of the best RPGs ever made ... it brings me to the 20th century where Baldurs Gate starts its journey.

PoE Developers were for sure inspired by the BG and BGII series from which the whole game benefits...


Beside of that there is one thing that shocked me right at the start of the game. Every RPG starts with CHAR creation and customization. At this moment for me right there begin the whole game and for me (unlike the others) this is the place where I receive the first and one of the strongest impression of the RPG. Here for me starts impersonation with the main character and with the game itself.


This section, which will welcome players into the game in my opinion should qualitatively correspond to that what will follow in the next parts...


For me when it comes to the character customization this is the weakest part of the otherwise great game. It is absurd that the easiest part of the development has been so neglected.


The main issue from my point of view is character 3D face visuals. Especially DWARFs they doesn't look like they come from fantasy game and they are not at least partially similar to available portraits (which looks exactly like many expect in fantasy RPG). Dwarf face looks like some weird teenager no matter what head option is chosen all the faces available for DWARFs are derived from human race. All the options has nothing to do with dwarfs looks terribly ugly and totally inappropriate for that race. I don understand why developers could neglect Dwarfs in such way one of the fundamental races in fantasy world. Why they don't go same way as with Godlike, Aumaua and Wild Orlean which are great and as different as should be from the others.


So back to my foreword... DEVELOPERS is there any chance that this tiny but very important aspect will be corrected in some of the future patches?

I wish my dream come true!


Anyway thanks for an outstanding game!









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I know what you mean. I confess that I'm big on asthetics when I play an RPG, and I also found that for one or two races, there weren't any cool looking faces. Thus, I didn't really use those races.


Dwarves yes, but also Godlike were a disappointment for me. All that weird stuff on their heads looks silly.


Sure, when you start playing, you don't really see much but... it's also on my wish list for POE2.

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