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Any news for the next patch yet?

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I've been following the technical support forum for a while now and the reports are kinda dissuading me from even bothering to try the game right now. I still haven't really played the game much and it does greatly intrigue me, I just want a as bug free experience as possible for my first playthrough and some of the bugs reported are pretty nasty like abilities not working correctly, abilities being explained incorrectly in tooltips, quests not working right, technical issues.


1) How close are we to seeing a new beta patch for the game?

2) How many changes (at this point in time) are expected approx.? 50? 30? 10? 100?

3) I don't want you to rush to complete a patch as that rarely ever leads to a good end result when it comes to quality assurance. I'm mainly asking now because I've been noticing that the last few patches have been about a month apart from each other.

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The next patch will be 3.0 and will drop in late January when TWM pt. II ships.


I too would've liked a 2.04 before then as there are a number of bugs affecting game mechanics that I don't really feel like playing with; however, I also appreciate that shipping a patch takes time and the dev team is fully focused on delivering a great product with TWM pt. II as well as a great patch with 3.0. Considering the prospected changes, I'm happy to wait.

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