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Anyone else have qualms and frustrations with my.com?


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I have had SO many problems and frustrations with friggin 'my.com.'  My list is growing daily.  With Armored Warfare being such a high-quality product, it's so upsetting seeing it tainted by that, IMHO, frustrating and stupid site.


To start off... the launcher always opens TWO instances of the game center (as seen in my processes).  It also never fails to NOT END the process once I close out of the game... leaving BOTH instances of the launcher running in the background, eating away at my working memory.  Annoying.


Then, I've got MalwareBytes yelling at me (when the game isn't even open!  AND sometimes when the processes aren't even going!) about dangerous IPs associated with... you guessed it... my.com!  There are several popups with DIFFERENT IPs listed... and I can't even write them down fast enough because I get rapid-fired with all these faulty IPs!  No way in hell am I allowing these IPs when the stupid launcher isn't even up, and I'm not even in game!

Anyone else frustrated and annoyed with my.com?  Upsetting that such a great game is being ruined by the stupid serivce running it. 

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