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I made a brief video showcasing how a Priest can CC better than most; Nalrend the Wise bounty fight.

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How you can use two simple Priest spells to win a very tough Bounty; i.e. a video showing how I defeat Nalrend the Wise without any special buffs, preparations or foodstuffs: only Durance's Repulsing Seal and his Shining Beacon.

I also want to point out how I started the encounter using Durance's Iconic Projection. It is the best spell for "pulling" enemies even while they're obscured by the Fog of War! Just chuck the hadoken into their general direction and get ready :)
Difficulty is Path of the Damned. All party members are level 9.

Footnote: Things didn't go as planned and I could've lost the fight but proper use of the Watcher Abilities saved the day. These go under-used a lot of the time but here you'll see me scrounging for anything that'll stick, including one nifty foe-AoE kill near the end of the video using the Watcher Ability that drains endurance LOL.

Also note that I probably would not have won if it i hadn't been for Eder's Constant Recovery + Rapid Recovery + Troll Belt. Watch how ridiculous his health regen can get in the end.

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