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Small bug: Hammer and Chisel from Cilant Lis doesn't get consumed on use.



Just a small bug, I couldn't find anywhere more fitting to post it.


The hammer and chisel from Cilant Lis doesn't get consumed when you use it to break down the wall. I didn't even know that these kinds of items were one use only until a loading screen tip told me. I'm sure that I'm holding the same ones since I haven't purchased any, and I don't think I could have found any others since I've had them in my inventory and am not far in the game. Thankfully I was able to drop them in a container, since it really bothers me to have glitched items I shouldn't have. It's not a big deal really, but I think it still matters and wanted to report it.


Steps to reproduce the issue:


Retrieve the hammer and chisel from the campsite within Cilant Lis.


Use it to break down the wall.


The tools should still be there in your inventory.


Note: The bug may depend on whether the item is in your inventory or the stash.


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