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Eder is different on 1st meet - unable to lev him



Hello Faithful Gamers,


I am a long time player of RPG on the PC [baldur's gate, torment, arcanum, divine divinty, kotor, vampire: bloodlines etc etc]. 


I am quite new to Pillars Of Eternity.


After a few hours of an initial play through...about when my party first met Kana...I decided to start over.


The first time when I met Eder I was able to level him the way I wanted...I had my self created Cipher and Aloth. 


On my second play through...with a Cipher and Aloth...when Eder joins my party he is already leveled.


Eder now has the Defender Talent [very lame] which he did not have the first time I played.


Any thoughts on what happened?


I do not want the Defender Talent...I want to level up Eder on my own like I did with my first play.


Thank You.



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Hello lost2morph,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for joining us! If you go into the menus and click on the Difficulty tab, check you see if "Auto Level Companions" is checked. If it is, that will automatically level up your companions as you find them to your current level. 


Just uncheck that option and you will be able to level your characters after level 1. You also have the option to go to any merchant and retrain any of your companions.


Thank you for your support. 

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Thank You...such an easy fix. I feel embarrassed being an experienced gamer.


I know I selected "No Auto Level" for my first play through.


Somehow it was changed on my second or maybe it goes to default at the beginning of a new character creation.


So far I am pleased with Pillars of Eternity. Nice Job Developers ! 

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