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Guardian stance not emitting



When I cast spell with + deflection effect (I tried Flames of Devotion w/ Shielding Flames and Circle of Protection) on Eder with Guardian Stance aura, the aura's deflection bonus become suppressed on Eder, and also stop applied to other allies. I checked the number and character sheet, GS didn't applied. It looks like a bug. Even if my other chars didn't have + deflection effect, when I move them next to Eder, they don't have GS effect. One interesting thing is that GS shows - accuracy (but no + deflection) on other char's portrait, although - accuracy is not applied too.


This is my save game:


My system is Windows 8.1, Intel i5 5200U


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Hello explosionsky,


Welcome to the Forums! Thank you for joining us. I looked into the issue more closely and the problem appears to be Shielding Flames is suppressing Guardians Stance. Circle of Protection is working correctly and not overriding any other bonuses. I have written up a bug and added it to our database.


For the -accuracy in GS, it only applies to the fight, not the party.  


Thank you for your support.  

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