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The Sith Lords Social Forum?


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One thing they use on Gamefaqs to good affect is the split board concept.


They tend to have two (or more forums) for popular games that tend to draw a lot of posters (and thus a lot of posts)


How about giving us a KotOR2:TSL Social board to go with the Game Discussion board?


KotOR chitchat isn't really game discussion, but on the other hand it's definately not off topic.


As board volume increase, this will make it easy to sort and find threads of intrest, be they pure game discussion or kotor chitchat. :lol:

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I'm hoping that as we go farther into the game, we will have a forum for KotOR (and other SW related item) discussions which are unrelated to Sith Lords. Currently, there really isn't enough out about Sith Lords for it to rate two seperate fora for stuff related to KotOR or other SW discussions.

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