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help me . i need help



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This problem call is screenshot not loading, you can fix that by re-uploading it to a reliable image hoster, or by attaching it directly to your post.

I can see it fine, here's Imgur for you, though.ZfAeRQf.png




i have some problem with the game


what is this problem call ??? and how can i fix that please help

It looks like some images didn't render right in the game, but I'm no expert. Could you give some details on how you're playing the game? Like, PS, Xbox, Steam? If it's Steam, then what specs (GPU, operating system, and CPU are the most important.), and try doing this:

  1. Go into your game library
  2. Right click South Park: Stick of Truth
  3. Select Properties
  4. Under the Local Files tab, select the bottom option ("Validate integrity of game cache")
  5. Let your computer alone for a second, as this really, really eats up your disk speed, which your computer doesn't need constant and instant access to for some things, but it's still good to just let it do its thing. It doesn't take too long, and you can launch the game again once it's done. This is to check for any errors that may have developed within the game's code from something else that may have gotten onto your computer.
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