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253 hrs, 6 parties and here's a breakdown...

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So after a little time and a few parties I thought I'd give some feedback. I usually just lurk but the recent patches seem to be taking away from the game (IMO). But, I'd also like to list what I enjoy about the game, because lets face it I've played it for a bit which means there is something I like right?





- Linux version! Can't thank you enough for supporting Linux users, bought 3 copies!

- Replay value. With all the classes and races it creates a varied play through each time.

- Every stats is worth something. I really enjoy this about PoE, even 1 point grants you something.

- Scripted events using your skills, then later on PoE started using the skills of my group.

- Scripted events using spells and talents (TWM).

- Soul bound items are kind of cool, wish there were more variety (rings, boots, etc) and wish they would have added them to the main story line.

- Story line was pretty good.

- Character conversations were a great addition to the game.

- Game lore (deities and whatnot) are great. Bleak Walker Paladin? Don't mind if I do!




- Saves? I mean it says I have 120 Will but I never seem to resist anything.

- Endurance/Health, not to sure about this in general. It seems like a good idea but in the end it seem to just force resting.

- Per Rest Abilities, Item Abilities, Talents, etc. Again, seem to force resting for no real reason. *

- AI Targeting (as of late) is just absurd. **

- Engagement, it used to be useful. Now the uniqueness of this ability is gone it seems. ***

- Dragons, apparently min/maxers or something have ruined these encounters to the point of making them overly cheesy. It is still an RPG and I would hope if I am max level with max items I would be able to confront one, but apparently not as I die in one hit... The only way seems to cheese the fight yourself, no fun IMO. Let's try and remember this is an RPG and people will find easy mode tactics but let's not ruin it for everyone else yeah?



As with any CON I feel like I should elaborate instead of just using generic statements.


* I can understand some abilities are too powerful to allow three times per encounter or something like that. But now we have the cross class talents on top of items with abilities that only work X amount of times per rest. Why would I choose something that can only be used once per rest that is a less powerful version of the real thing? Making talents and item abilities once per encounter would be great instead of three times per rest. Of course there are things like Second Chance which makes sense as a per rest ability.


** Seems to be getting worse... to the point where I can have a hidden Rouge/Cipher far away from my Fighter and Paladin and they enemy still rushes them even though they are not "seen" nor have they dealt any damage. I'm sorry but this is just wrong. When my great sword wielding Paladin crits on you with a Flames of Devotion and your immediate reaction is, "OMG get that Rogue!", there is something terribly wrong. At the very least the AI should be looking for X amount of damage dealt or something before trying rushing my Rogue or Cipher.


*** Enemies used to stick fairly well on characters with Hold the Line, items with + engagement and or class talents. Not anymore, and the worst part is they don't even trigger engagement. I understand you might want to move away from the tank + spank tactics but as long as my characters suffer by the mechanics then so should the AI. My Priest takes a step back and get wailed on and nearly dies, but not theirs. Even though my Paladin, Fighter and Rouge are all "engaged" with the enemy Priest. Queue the Benny Hill music and they run around not provoking any engagement.


With ** and *** I am actually starting out combat with Withdraw on my Rogue and Cipher, even though they have dealt 0 (read: zero) damage that battle but it is the only way to prevent them from being rushed and immediately taken down. I feel like this is a HUGE miss/bug and for the sake of not micro managing every second of every battle it will be fixed in the future.



All that said, it has been a great game! I look forward to more expansions and a 2.0 (should it be released on Linux ;).

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