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[2.03 Beta] "galaxy.dll" suspect trojan



Recent update on steam flagged the file ..\pillarsofeternity_data\plugins\galaxy.dll with Suspicious.Cloud.9.B by Norton Internet Secuirty - File Insight, I suspect this is just a false positive as normal, but it never hurts to report it and I suspect it would be easy to contact Symantec about it so its not flagged in the future.

File Thumbprint - SHA:

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Hello Wighar,


Welcome to the forums! Just to let you know, your first 5 posts on the forums have to be approved by a moderator or a dev. So it will not show up until we approve the posts. 


This file is a safe file. Those are the .dll for the Galaxy Client achievements. 


Thank you for your support. 


P.S. v.2.03 is now live on Steam!

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