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Open/Edit/Mix Sw KotOR 2 StreamMusic files

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Alright, so I've been digging in the Sw Kotor 2 files for a while, looking for a particular sound byte that is in the game, but when I open the StreamMusic files and try to play them, all I get is static for a second or two. I've tried converting them to .mp3 format and then opening up with Audacity, but theres no sound at all. I've been looking all over trying to find a way to decompress it or something, but I cannot find anything. I am having the same problem with StreamVoice files as well. I just want a way to open the file and listen to the sound.


I'm just wondering if anybody else has this issue, and if anybody knows how to fix the problem.


Also to reiterate, no, converting the file to .mp3 does not work.


If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.


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