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Endless Paths bug/glitch found. Repeatable!

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On my first playthrough, just finished act 2, decided to do a few more floors in the Endless Paths. I saved the game on floor 9 right before the spike floored room.


Apparently, if your character is standing in the doorway of the spiked room when you saved, it will be teleported to the floor's exit when you load.


The first time this happened, only 2 characters were teleported, and were immediately in combat upon loading. They had to fight off the enemies by themselves, which took several attempts! After the battle, I was able to repeat the process two more times to port the rest of my party to join them.


I took a few screenshots. 

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I guess it might be a safeguard so player can't save himself into a corner - situation in which, upon loading the game, one of his characters would die. It sort of seems too specific to be a bug. Altho it would make a lot more sense for player to appear in front of the spiked room. Of course, it might very well be an extremely bizarre bug.

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