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Hi all,


I was wondering whether anyone has had an opportunity to test the Monk's 13th level ability "The Dichotomous Soul", namely whether or not:


– the ability creates clones that are "generic" or derivative of the Monk that used the ability?

– what stats do the clones have?

– what items/equipment/abilities, if any, do they benefit from? I know they definitely use their fists for instance

– how long do they last? 


Have searched around these forums and the steam community but didn't come up with much info.


I would test myself but I'm away from my main computer for a couple days :(



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They are quite powerful, actually that is a huge understatement. They are fracking godly :)


They spawn with like 284 endurance with Zahua which I believe is adjusted by your base Constitution. They get any spell effects that are on equipment other than weapons. I've never had them de-spawn before the battle was over so I don't think they have a set duration.


They appear to have the same DR as the Monk that spawned them. I believe I even saw one get back up from a Second Chance item (ring of wonder) but I think that might have been the only time I ever had one get KO'd.


With two Monks on the team, spawning four of these monsters is stupidly powerful but balanced in that the enemy Monks can do the same to you.

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What he said. ;)

And yes, they profit from all items you have - except weapons. Best armor for you is the padded one that has spell binding Alacrity - because that means your duplicates also have one use of Alacrity every time you summon them. Then they hit like whirlwinds. You can also give them formemaster's gloves or rotfinger gloves and whatever holds spells. They will be like monky wizards or wizzy monks. It's hilarious and I love it! Or them...

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Tehehe - right. I'm also wondering why there's two of them. One would have been powerful enough (maybe costing 6 wounds or so). But I don't complain - I love it!


Did I already say that I love it?

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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