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Do I lose significantly if I dump Aloth and Eder? Or any other premade companions?


I'd like to customize my own party but it is not clear to me what story elements I will be missing


Is there a way to use custom compaions and not miss out on story?


I am playing on PotD

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You'll lose the personal quests of those companions, their banter and quips during exploration, and the comments they sometimes interject into main story conversations. They also have a lot dialogue that fleshes out the world, and some of it is unlocked as you advance through the game. Depends on you whether you consider all this significant or not.


If you can handle the management, you can use 4 custom companions and 1 premade, do their quest, then swap for another. But in two cases this isn't possible because the personal quests only advance based on the time those companions spend in your party. And you'd still miss the banter and comments.


If you're interested in the story, I'd highly recommend playing on Hard with premade companions and saving the POTD run with custom companions for later. If you want a challenge as well, then don't read these forums for class builds. :)


Or make a compromise and use 4 premade and 1 custom.

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Grieving Mother (Cipher) and Durance (Priest) need time in party to talk after camping.


Also PotD is easily accomplished with only using the story companions. A few stat points moved around will not make much of a difference. If you want additional classes such as two Ciphers in the party then you'll need to roll up a merc but there is not much reason to replace Eder with another Fighter or Aloth with another Wizard. At least in my opinion anyway.

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If you are particularly keen on keeping story companions but want them customized, you can use the IE Mod to change their stats, class, and pretty much everything else. But frankly, that's more trouble than it is worth. Better to play with Obsidian companions, then roll a custom party for your second play through :)

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