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Graceful retreat (pet talent) dissapear during respeccing my ranger.





I made a ranger and took the wolf pet and  in the character cheet was the talent Graceful retreat and when i respecced and took the wulf again the talent was no more in the character cheet?


Where did it go, is it a bug? 

Does it supposed to be wolfs talent? , like lion have the roar.

If not why doesnt wolf have any unique skill, like the lion and boar have?

Is it the known issue and planed to be fixed?



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Hello te75,


Welcome to the forums. Could you please upload a save file before and after the respec and an output log via dropbox so I can take a look? 




Edit: I created a new game to see if I could reproduce your issue. When I retrained at level 1, the ability is still there, it just shows up on the ranger instead of the animal companion. I have submitted a bug for that issue.

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