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Maerwald post-combat decision can happen and apply "Speaker to the Restless" multiple times



Hit this earlier this week.



The post-combat choice given by Maerwald after you defeat him at Caed Nua can happen multiple times, resulting in multiple additions of the "Speaker to the Restless" ability to your hero.



Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

I went mostly straight to Maerwald when going to his level of the dungeon. After defeating him I was prompted, as is expected, whether I want him to become the guardian of Caed Nua, steal knowledge from him, or (I can't remember what the other choice was), I chose to steal knowledge from him (not sure if the choice mattered). I was then granted the "Speaker to the Restless" ability.


Then I went to another room in that same level of the dungeon and defeated some more monsters. After the conclusion of that follow-up monster battle I was again prompted for the post-Maerwald battle choice again. I made the same choice out of fear of messing things up, and then was granted the "Speaker to the Restless" ability on my hero again. As a result, I now have two instances of this ability (i.e. two icons appear on my action chart with two activations per rest available for each icon).


This repro'd on the latest PoE version (2.02).



See my save file with the double-ability here: http://1drv.ms/1G82ipn

I don't have a log file saved from when this happened.

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Hello scramsby,


Do you have a save before you fought Maerwald and right after? The save you uploaded shows it, but I want to see if its reproducible. I created a new game to see if I could reproduce it and chose the same answer, but it didn't happen to me. 


Do you recall specifically what happen on the way to the Maerwald fight? Did you skip the conversations with the spirits? 


Thanks a bunch!

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