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Huge FPS drops in every location after few minutes of gameplay



Hello Everyone!


My problem is that i have very big (ca 60%) FPS drops in every location. Normally the game is running on 1366/768, high graphic settings with around 35-40 FPS. But after I spend a few minutes in the same location (even while doing nothing, just standing in the same place) the FPS drastically falls to about 15! Then the game is not playable. It happens everyvhere, even in very small locations. Only difference is that in small locations this drop is not so big - to about 20 FPS. 

What is strange - all i have to do is to go to another location or simply reload the game, and FPS around 35-40 is back. For couple of minutes, of course.


So, i have tried everything - started from the sticky topic on this forum through turning off the MSAA, turning off the AI, playing with the pagefile, to running game in dxd10 mode or setting difference coligation for cpu. Nothing helped.


Its worth to say that other games and programmes works just fine. Problem with PoE has appeared after bringing the 2.0 version. 


My computer meets the minimum requirements and it is

Lenovo G580 with:



Geforce GT630M, newest drivers

Windows 8.1


attached dxdiag and outputlog files.





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I found the solution finally.

The problem was too high temperature of cpu in some moments. The game is using a lot of cpu, especially when calculating the fights. I cleaned the computer, changed the cooling grease and it's working much better. 


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Hello Luqash,


I appears you have integrated graphics on your machine along with you GT630M. Please make sure that both graphics cards are up to date. The best way to do this is to run Windows Update or go to your manufacturers website and get the drivers. 


Also make sure that your machine is using the correct graphics card. Here is a link on how to ensure that your GT630M is the default card.



Go to your Control Panel > Power Options > Select a Power Plan > Set to High Performance. 


Hopefully those options will help your performance. Let me know how it goes.


Thank you for your support. 

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Thanks for answer,  game is of course running on geforce graphic card.


I did everything You said and it's still the same. At one moment game is running with 35 fps even during the fights, 3 minutes later i have only 15 fps. Also i checked usage of the processor and while fps is higher - the usage is about 50 %, later it drops to about 26%. But the only other process using CPU at this time is idle system process. 

I also chcecked the core temperatures and they are never to high for both gpu and cpu. And other games are working with constant value fps. I have no more ideas.

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