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Linux: Black screen and pointer after first sequence leading into Ruins



After the first sequence of events at the caravan, after the static pages where you climb into the ruins, nothing ever renders.  It is a black screen with a 'gauntlet' pointer.  No saved game, too early in to think it needed.  NOTE: I am UNDER required computer specs.  So, if thats the issue, or if no support will be provided because of it, thats fine.



OS: LInux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 64-bit

Cinnamon Version 2.6.13

Linux Kernel 3.16.0-38-generic

Processor:  Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 @3.16GHz x2 #(really at 3.8)

Memory 3.9GiB

HD: 306.9GB

Graphics Card NVIDIA Corporation GT200 [GeForece GTX 260]




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