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Missing Gear and Spells



I am currently playing Pillars with update 2.02.0749. Just recently, my main character, a 9th level Cipher, and several of my companions have lost their armor, weapons, and ability to use their higher level spells. I had up to level 5 powers/spells for my Cipher, but only have access to level 1 and 2. My character sheet shows that I don't know anything above level 2 spells. Pallegina no longer has a reincarnation ability that she had prior, and Kana doesn't have his level 2 chants anymore. This happened some time during my gameplay in Raedric's Hold trying to finish the Champion of Berath quest.

Is there any known bug issue regarding this, and is there any way that I can restore? My quick save before that was right before I went to the siege rampart and it has the same issue. So were the autosaves around that time. I hadn't actually done a "real" save since 9/20, so I would lose a ton of progress if I rolled back that far. Any way to remedy this situation?


I would appreciate any help! Thank you!

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