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Con and Paladins stat spread for my Triple Crown Playhthrough

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So with the Per change to accuracy I took a Con of 14 in my last Trial of Iron PoTD run.  I knew my frontliner would be getting hit a fair bit more.  After finishing the game I felt that the 14 Con served me well in the early game but not as much in the late.  Should I just stick to a base of 10 con? granted that's not the only thing 14 con does as it does increase my Fort Defense which is imo the second most important defense for a Paladin.


This next time around I am going to go for  the Triple Crown (expert mode with diologue...options for faith and conviction might be tough) with a full custom party as I just finished PoTD/Trial of Iron with all story companions.  I am going for a  similar build as my last Paladin a durable frontliner that's weapon and shield but can switch to a damaging melee weapon and hold engagement while not being focused.  I was thinking of going one handed for the great accuracy bonuses.  I know its not the MOST optimal but I will say that the only time my Paladin felt not very useful in this play through was against High Deflection Spirits (Durgans Battery) that would by pass  my frontline and hit soft targets.  With a 2hander and 10 Perception I just didn't have the accuracy to hit them consistently.  When I switched to a damaging one hander with FoD it would almost one shot Shades and severely hurt Sirens.  I only had a base of 12 Might. 


What do you guys think of this for a Stat spread.  Its not min/maxed:


Might 16


Con 14


Dex 9


10 Per


13 Int


16 Resolve




Might 18


Con 14


Dex 10


Per 10


Int 10 (LoH, auras and Liberating Exhortation I am going Darcozzi will suffer)


Res 16

Have gun will travel.

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I think the 10 intellect gets long enough buffs and big enough auras.


I've always gone with the no listing of the dialogue choices and bot had a problem with my Paladin but he is a Kind Wayfarer. So it was easy to pick the Benevolent, easy to avoid Cruel, really easy to avoid Deceptive and just had to sort of guess at the Passionate responses. Not sure how a Darcozzi plays.


What team are you thinking of using? Story, custom or a mix?

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I've done story on every playthough So I am going to try for full custom party but I just can never get myself to do it.  I was thinking of putting together an Old Valian mercenary team lead by a Darcozzi Paladin.  This team represents me and my friends hah!  We went on a Halloween cruise 5 years ago as an 80s hair band and called ourselves Righteous Dragon!  That would be the name of the merc team!  Or Dragons of Eternity or Dragones Justos (its Spanish not Italianish like the Valians are but still lol) But.....  The companions are well written. I like really like Pallegina (big surprise I like Paladins and I used to serve my country lol) , Zahua, Hiravious, Durance, Eder, Sagani lmao....I will try to go custom though.

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Have gun will travel.

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The only thing you can't customize about the story companions using IE Mod is their gender/race. And even the racial traits can be added in artificially, if you don't mind some weird duplications.


"I used to serve my country lol)"


Did you have incompetent bosses like Palle has?


Or go around evading orders by "better to ask forgiveness than permission"?

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