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So I got back on the POE wagon, and decided to do some new stuff. I found my dual barbarian sorely lacking in the mid-late game, and decided to replace him with a melee wiz, and holy muffins, does this guy rock. Need more damage? Instant cast two spells, you're now a dps monster, need healing? Instant cast these spells. Want to help in an ambush? Sneak fireball along with the other casters.

I went with a moon godlike, and full plate, and this guy just doesn't ever go down, along with a staff he just sits in the back doing whatever is needed in excellence.


Alost, thinking about going super-ninja-dps monk next time, should I focus on ablities to use wounds? Or just let them stack for added fire damage?

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Torment's Reach = lots of micromanagement, very high dps

Turning wheel + Lightning Strikes = less micro, good dps


I did both! :-)

Boring fights with lots of mobs: Turning Wheel autoattacker

Challenging fights: Use Torment's reach and Force of Anguish here and there


There are a lot of different builds for monks out there. I like the one with high int, long stride (or flagellant's path) and Force of Anguish plus Enervating Blows. With a crit you prone the enemies for over 20 seconds plus they are weakened - making it easy prey for your deathblow-rogue or barb with brute force/threatening presence. Or finish them off by yourself, especially if you also have Apprentice's Sneak Attack. It's a lot of micro, but very powerful an long lasting CC plus good damage. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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