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Devil of Caroc desappear from the party and from the quicksave



Dear admins,

Devil of Caroc was in the party before entering Stalwart fishery (the fisherman`s penance quest). Her icon is on quicksave slot. After the conversation with Grinde without a battle my party should talk to Galvino. When my party exited the fishery Devil disappered from the party and party stack in Caed Nua or tavern. Devil is in Galvino`s office as NPC. Besides all traps in Galvino`s workshop reseted.

Can the issue be resolved?

Savegames here


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By the way, in my issue in addition to Devil disappered too

1) Sagany from Caed Nua with all equipped staff

2) All looted things from Galvano`s workshop (pistol, boots from chest and fom the cell with crazy construct). The pistol and boots was equipped on Zacua. Their effects still active (icons near Zacua portrait on main screen) but they are not in inventory and their slots are empty

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