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What is healing done% for items?

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I have been wondering about this and have not found a direct answer for it.

Perhaps in later posts but I did not dig too far into the forums.  Apologies if this has been answered already.

Please point me there if it has.


Basically I am curious what this does?

Does an added healing% done increase the output or input of heals?

Does it only apply to health increase or is it endurance?

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Is there a list anywhere of items, talents and abilities that don't work?  I'm getting sick of discovering every day something else.


I myself would love to have a known issue list.  Honestly it would make choosing gear easier as well.  I hung onto that healing belt for a long time and Fulvano's amulet because I thought it was helping the priest.

I did not do any significant tests to see if it was working.  I just assumed it was.


A list would be great as well as extensive patch notes.

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