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Frequent crash to desktop, requires a reboot


Hi guys, 


Hoping you can help me fix this issue I am having.  First of all I am using the GOG version of PoE.  I cannot play for more than a few minutes without this crash happening.  




Last night, with an FPS limiter on (not sure if helped), alt tabbing to frequently monitor all temps/fan speeds, I was able to play almost 30 minutes and quit without crashing.  Otherwise, every other attempt (20+) has resulted in said crash that requires a reboot.  I had an identical issue with Terraria the same day I picked up PoE, but that was resolved by disabling cloud support for the character/world I was using.  It's also worth mentioning I used to have this issue with Minecraft a year or two ago (same PC), but never resolved so quit playing.  That's where I got the frame limiter idea from after reading some threads, because I remember Minecraft frequently running at like 350 FPS and a squealing from a capacitor of some sort on my video card.  I really hope this isn't a physical graphics card issue.  It's also worth mentioning that I can play Skyrim at a smooth 60 fps with about 250+ mods installed (including ENB effects) with zero issues other than the occasional CTD (which is almost inevitable with so many mods).


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:


Ok so when I launch PoE, the game will TYPICALLY crash just after getting into my save, usually seconds after.  On a couple occasions this has happened just before loading my save, and once at the game's start menu.  This pattern (or lack thereof) has been repeated 20-30 times.  I've had ONE success (see above) and that was last night which I had hoped had resolved the issue, but this morning it immediately crashed again upon loading my safe and running about 20 feet with my character.  This was in the second area of the game, just after escaping the winds in the caravan camp.


Important Files:


I have my dxdiag.txt and output_log.txt attached but it says "You aren't permitted dto upload this kind of file" when I try to attach one or more of my save files.



Hopefully you guys can help me figure this out, thanks!



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Hello theifzeri0,


Sorry for the inconvenience. I notice you are still playing on a older build (v2.00.706) we are currently on v2.02.749. Please update your game and see if that works. If you have The White March installed, there will be 2 patches from GOG. Make sure you download and install the patch for the base game and for the DLC. 


Also, please make sure your graphics card has the latest drivers installed and check to see if you have EVGA Precision X installed. This application has been known to cause crashes with Unity games, please disable it. 


Thank you for your support. 

Whats this at obsidian.net?

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