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Stalwart is big pink mess



I just finally traveled to White March.

Upon entering stalwart the entire screen is just pink.  My characters are not rendered.  The ground is not rendered.  I think I could see my characters weapons floating as I moved them around an a flat pink landscape.

I reloaded 3 times with the same issue.

I also changed my resolution and messed around with graphics options in the hopes it would force a reload of the textures and models.

Nothing worked.  Its totally unplayable.

I am playing version 2.0.1 GoG


Is this fixed in 2.0.2?

Is there another solution I can use?

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You need to download both the vanilla AND the expansion version of the patch on GoG. I had this same issue the first time 2.0.1 was released, and when I installed both versions of the patch it solved the problem.


My guess is that most of the assets the patch needs to work are in one version, while the other makes further tweaks to be consistent with the expansion.

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