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Penetrating shot + Penetrating blast don't stack



As I understood it (from a post written by a dev) modals were their own category of buff and were supposed to stack with other bonuses of the same stat?


I saw from another post that there is some inconsistency on this and some act as, spells/abilities while some act as passives for the purposes of suppression. (Mine is clearly behaving as a passive like penetrating blast)


If this is not the case and this is expected behavior, please let me know.


As you can see here in my picture it's only knocking off 5 DR where I expected there to be -10



I am currently playing the Beta patch. So mods if you want to re-home this thread I get it, but I've not played since a few patches back and I'm not sure if this is new, existing or even an issue at all?






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Ok. I've just realised, Penetrating blast's DR byass has to check against reflex in the screenshot?


The other thing is blast is an AOE, does that only the enemies that weren't directly target are subject to the DR bypass?


Too many factors. I give up

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