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2.02 Low Endurance based abilities.



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https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3J7Kynsy9nQUDM2ampZN1g1X00&usp=sharing I think that link should work, I've never tried making a public folder before.

EDIT: I noticed something else... Bhaal used his own passive critical defense, to convert his own critical hit into a normal hit -__- wtf


EDIT: I uploaded another screenshot with Bloody Slaughter working in combat against 100% hp targets, just in case it was only bugging out when I attacked my own party members. >>> I also think Death Godlike passive is working properly after beating up the inn a couple times.


EDIT: I think Bloody Slaughter is just converting the hit to a crit and not doing bonus damage as well as activating no matter what percentage of hp the target is on.


EDIT: I think that ogre has a missing texture now that I think about it.


EDIT: Tidefalls Raw damage is showing up as *EffectError* in the combat log. Uploaded a pic to the folder.


EDIT: Is Concelhauts doom meant to crit for 500ish? uploaded a picture.

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