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Battle of the Hot Springs East of Stalward...Victory! (PoTD Iron Man)

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Well this fight has been my closes call by far on my Ironman run.  The Lagufaeth's army with the 2 Brood Mother's were really tough.  Also those Sidewinders can really put the hurt on with their sneak attacks when you are debuffed.  I loved the fight.  I was eventually victorious but it was one hell of a fight. 


Pictured here is my crew after the fight.  You can see my Coup de Grace Flames of Devotion with Firebrand on the Brood Mother.  It was a climatic end to the fight for sure.  Aloth got the worst of it as I had to run him forward a bit so that he could confuse the backline Sidewinders.  Had to throw him a Reviving Exhortation once as he got it bad even with the good deflection buffs up..but he made it. 



Have gun will travel.

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