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Accuracy Bonus Not Working



Hello everyone,


Alright, this is a very mysterious one especially since apparently I'm the only reporting it so far:

None of the Accuracy bonus seems to add anymore to the accuracy displayed in the character sheet (see attached).

- Switching between a 2H and 1H weapon

- Adding/Removing a shield


I am not sure if it is only visually that the numbers don't add up because I was still able to down the Adra Dragon on my 3rd try, but I can confirm this problem applies to all my characters, not just Eder. I noticed this first after trying to switch a weapon for a character (after the White March update).


I tried retraining, reinstalling the game, removing all gear. I don't have any mod installed either.



Any idea what is the problem? Is this happening only to me?


Thanks in advance!




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