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can't buy/sell/trade on mac os x upgraded to 2.01 on GOG



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I can't buy anything or sell anything - what happened? I upgraded to 2.01 by downloading the patches on GOG.

Hi team Obsidian -


Some more notes on my issue:

- am running OS X El Capitan (latest)

- the issue first appeared after returning from the Endless Paths to Caed Nua and attempting to interact with the general goods merchant (but that was the first time I tried to buy/sell/trade after upgrading from 1.6 to 2.01).

- hypothesizing that perhaps unresolved actions at the keep were preventing the dialog from continuing, I chose to "manual resolve" a threat from bandits. This actually froze the game, i.e. in specific, my mouse was active, but no other option was responsive (could not move a character, could not load or save a game). Needless to say, the it did not switch to a combat scene with bandits...


So, multiple issues here. Please help.

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