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The Grey Sleeper doesn't get Accuracy bonus from Weapon Focus: Adventurer





I've just level-ed up to level 10 and I've chosen the talent Weapon Focus: Adventurer, in order to increase my accuracy with the soul bound weapon "The Grey Sleeper" (Estoc).


Before level-up I have accuracy 48 and after I end up with 51. The 3 points are the normal ones from lvl-up. The +6 increase is shown though when I equip the flail, which is also part of the Adventurer arsenal.


Is this a bug, or are soul bound weapons behaving differently to bonuses?




Edit: Additional info:

- I am using patch 2.01

- After several loads, my level-up doesn't give me any accuracy bonus. Not even to the flail. 

- Even more strange my +5 bonus I had on my Aattuuk dagger has also dissipated.  Equipping now the the flail Gaun's Share together with Aattuuk I get the same 48/48 accuracy. 

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