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Can We Show Breakdown of Accuracy and Damage?

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...on the character and inventory screen, like we do with stats and skills? e.g.: accuracy = 41 (26 base + 5 weapon bonus + 10 weapon specialization), etc.


I've encountered a few time a bug where when you level and pick a talent that improves your accuracy, it doesn't apply properly. And now I'm paranoid if it happened to instances I didn't know of. But there's no way to check for sure unless they show a breakdown.


C'mon, Obsidian. How many months into release are we? Why are we still dealing with alpha-stage bugs here?

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You're being unfair. Patch 2.01 was terribad but previous patches were pretty good.


The bug you mention is known and purely cosmetic (i.e. it only affects the UI until you enter combat.)


With that in mind, I do agree it would be nice to be able to see a breakdown of Accuracy and Damage calculation in the UI (perhaps by hovering over the value, like you can hover on stuff in the combat log and get more details on how attacks were resolved.)

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