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Now that PoE 2.01 has been released, I figured it was finally time to download and install.  As always, for a left-handed gamer such as myself, there's always a not-inconsiderable amount of planning and refinement required when mapping out keybinds, but at least the game seemed to accept my selections without pitching a fit.


'Seemed' being the operative word.


Unfortunately, it appears that I'm once again going to be relegated to using AutoHotKey to configure even basic functionality, as using the numpad for my movement and other binds causes their hidden default behaviors to trigger.  Having the game warning me that I haven't configured groups when I try to pan the camera around (Num 8,4,5,6) is jarring, and having my character selection change whenever I try to activate the abilities I've assigned to Num 1-3 results in all sorts of bizarre behavior.


Considering that this was never a problem in games that are now nearly 20 years old, I'm flummoxed that I now routinely run into issues mapping keybinds to the number pad in new releases.  It was bad enough to encounter this in DA: Inquisition when it was first released, but I had figured that by the time PoE had reached the 2.0 mark that it would be silky-smooth.


So before I go off and invest another hour or so in AHK, is there any way to rid the game of this unwanted functionality?  I'd really rather not have a glitchy play experience like I did using AHK in Inquisition, and Divinity: Original Sin, among others...

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