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Chanter Stormcaller requiring/consuming chant charges on passive trigger



So, the second upgrade on Stormcaller for Chanters is 5% Chance on hit or critical hit to cast "The Thunder Rolled Like Waves On Black Seas".


I assumed this would be a free effect like any other %chance passive proc.


This Stormcaller passive will ONLY trigger if you have 3 or more chants already built and when it does trigger, it consumes 3 chant charges.


Reporting this as a bug since it doesn't really make sense as intended behaviour.


As it stands the passive may as well not even be there, it can even be a hindrance in some situations where you might be saving up chants for a higher level invocation and you get a random proc and lose 3 charges. My thinking is that the effect should be free and independant of your chant levels.


Also in line with this bug maybe the Ciphers Stormcaller Soul Shock effect uses 10 focus when it triggers?

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Hi Nytram,


QA are going to ask you for a saved game that exhibits the behavior as well as your output.log file. Could you upload them to dropbox and link them here?

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