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Can you break from an encounter

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Really enjoying the game so far.  I did a few tries at act 1 with different characters before starting my real "first" game.  I'm playing on Hard with Trial of Iron.  I'm in the early stages of Act 2.  I've come pretty close to getting all of my characters killed a couple times.


I imagine at some point I am going to stumble into a fight that my party is not ready for.


Assuming I realize that I have gotten myself into a fight I can't win is there anyway to flee the encounter (I don't mean break engagement, but actually end the hostile situation)?  If there is what happens to any downed characters that are near the enemy?


Just trying to see if there is a way I can lose an encounter without actually losing the game (since I am playing Trial of Iron).



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Only way I know is to flee (disingagement). If I were you I would keep far away from Dragons since they are the real deal in terms of death infliction.

I finished the game on hard with a Wizard and I had problems with just 2 fights - a certain dragon and the last boss.

Skipping the Dragons and the stronghold would leave you with just a few group of regular mobs that could kill you if you are careless. 

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Running is possible! I discovered that for myself back during my first playthrough, when I was still learning the game, and I tried the second floor of the Temple of Eothas without knowing what I was doing.

Aloth got knocked out, PC ran away. Combat broke, Aloth got back up, whoops he passed out on top of the monster, now I'm in combat again. PC rushes back to give him some time to get away, PC gets knocked out while Aloth runs away. Combat breaks. PC gets back up, monster can see her, combat resumes. Repeat until the party inches their way toward the limits of the monster's aggro radius. Garnish with Yakety Sax and serve.



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With the Ogres in the Endless Path I had a case where everyone was dropped except Sagani who was running from the last Ogre Druid to maintain distance while stopping to shoot. The Ogre gave up the chase and walked back which ended the combat and the five KO'd stood up and where seen by the returning Ogre who proceeded to splat them all again since they only had a few endurance.


The five were KO'd again before Sagani was able to re-engage so combat once again stopped. The five, some now maimed, stood up which then started the combat again with the Druid but this time they got killed instead of KO'd. I ended up reloading an earlier save. On Ironman this would have ended up with a real lack of story companions and even a restart if the MC was among the dead.

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thanks for the input...so I can flee, but most likely any character who was KO'd will most likely die.  So I would sacrifice a lot of my party and have to buy custom ones or pull guys out of my stronghold...


Since this is my first playthrough I may get lucky and not stumble into an overwhelming fight (I might need to buff the stealth of my lead tank better or put my rogue up front by default). 


If I do get into a bad fight I may be able to sacrifice a character and have the rest of my guys flee...the real challenge being is that my Main Character is a Paladin and most likely would be one of the guys who gets KO'd before I realize that I am in trouble...


Better cross my fingers

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Another thing to be careful of is the new AI doing something stupid. I've had my frontline melee run after one enemy who dis-engaged causing the other three or four enemies to hit with three critical disengagement attacks and drop my idiot melee in a matter of seconds. I wish that they'd never willingly take a disengagement attack.


Running away can still be fine as long as you can draw the enemy far enough away so that if combat ends and your KO'd guys stand back up, they have enough time to fully regen. It's not as if you have a choice on Trial of iron any way :) Better a chance of escape and having the KO'd get back up then to not run and have to re-start.

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