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I think I can narrow down the strange behaviour of the team-mates, when they run elsewhere during a fight and pull new enemies:


Just in Lle a Rhemen I got messages about traps and my rogue said her "I see something..."

But there were no traps in the vicinity. From former games I know, where the traps are:

One level below and / or in a yet not explored room.


These messages occur frequently, especially in dungeons and buildings.


As described in other threads, members of my party run off the fight to attack mobs far away or in rooms, which cannot be viewed and are covered by FoW.


My conclusion:


Somehow the AI has no limits of observation. It can "see" through walls, floors and FoW.

Thus, the companions who cannot engage an adjacent enemy because of the narrowness of the location run to the normally hidden enemies to engage these. When the pathfinding fails because of a closed door, they run against a wall and stay there if not micromanaged.


I don't know how hard it is to fix stuff like this. Anyhow, a soon coming hotfix would be great, because this AI-behaviour is really annoying.

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I could not figure out how to post a screenshot here. Neither .png nor .jpg are allowed, although the picture is less than 1 MB.


Anyways, the screenshot shows the sometimes strange behaviour of partymembers.


The rogue is not affected by any charm- or fearspell. She wants to apply an "eyestrike" as you can see (icon over head).

The dungeon is cleared, there is no enemy remaining in the direction she runs.

You see, too, there would be a lot of space where the others are fighting, even more for a ranged fighter with a blunderbus.


As described before, this happens quite often.

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