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When to do White March?

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I'm wondering when the best time to do The White Marches is. I haven't beaten the game yet (lots of alts!) and my current main (and farthest I've gotten so far) is still working on Defiance Bay. I'm a bit of a completionist- I've put about 40 hours into this save and done every single quest I could find, so I'm level 9 right now.


I was originally planning on just finishing the game and then doing The White March (as in most game expansions), but luckily someone mentioned that if you go too far in the game you can't come back and play the xpac on that save. So, specifically, my question is two-fold:


1) At what point (as spoiler-free as possible, please!) does the expansion content become locked, and

2) Is it better to do the expansion now, or wait until the last minute? I kind of favor waiting, but if the stuff there is going to be easy, or the loot will be pointless, I'll go do it now.


Thanks in advance.

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