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my Main walks and shealth runs with lower speed



i dont know if this is a problem which can occur only with your main or with other charcters. at the moment i discovered it only with my Main. As my approach into a new room is first with stealth and on sight and after i took a good position to enter combat, i have a problem with my main who is a paladin and should go first. But he is falling back, behind the others, Not in stealh only, when i deactivate stealth and walk normally he is always the slowest one... he has not a smaller dex then others from my group, are there modifiers which i can not see which can slow him down ?...


its not the worst thing as i still can play its only that i have to wait until he moves into position... and sometimes when i rush into a room i have a melee at my back which is sometimes nice too but i just wondered if this is a bug or maybe a feature i dont know how to solve it ?


thank you

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