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Menus unfocused after patch





I've encountered a really strange bug after using the patch files given by gog.com, patching 1.6.2 -> 2.00 -> 2.01. The thing is that all menus in play are sometimes being unfocused, i.e., getting a "darker" shade, when opening them. Examples are Inventory or Options menu. Consequently, no buttons or items can be be clicked. Besides not being able to alter my inventory, making the game unplayable in practice, I can't even save nor quit the game!


For the latter, my workaround now has been to enter another map area and then go back again. By that, I have at least been able to autosave my game and by chance, the menus start to work again such that I can at least quit the game.


As the save file is larger that admitted in this forum, here is a sendspace link to the file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ezwrom


Has anyone seen this before? It's quite frustrating, as you can see...


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Followup: attached is a screenshot inside gameplay, showing what I mean by "unfocused". By clicking anywhere, inside or outside this window alike, I get back to gameplay. It happens randomly, i.e., I cannot deterministically repeat the same process to show when this happens, others than open some random menus until this occurs. 


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