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Shouldn't consumables stack with other buffs?

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They stack with everything except spells.

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Urm. What makes you think they are useless? You need to look at those numbers again. Scrolls give you some extremely powerful spells. In particular, Valor and Defense scrolls are some of the best buffs in the game. Valor in particular is extremely hard to replicate, since very few things give Accuracy bonuses to spells. Scroll of Paralysis is far more powerful than its level would suggest, and is extremely useful even at very high levels due to its long range and large area.


You can't go wrong with everyone in your party having 6+ Lore, except for the skillmonkeys.


Some potions are also very powerful, though as a rule, not nearly as powerful as scrolls. Potion of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion increases attack speed by 50%. That is huge. 


If you mean food, it actually does stack with everything.


The only consumables that mostly suck are drugs, but even then, there are some good ones, like Blasconn and Carow Golan (though strangely they're only good for ciphers).

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There are, I think, 3 classes of effects that can be stacked, while there is no stacking within these classes. These are items, resting bonuses and a huge class of effects from all different sources, like spells, abilities, food etc.


Consumables probably don't stack with spells, because potions often just replicate certain spells, so you could double the effects of these spells. So, for balance reasons and since the game is a bit easy anyway this is probably a sensible thing. On the other hand I actually think nonetheless, that consumables should have been an extra effect-class that's stacking with the others, but then there should have been potions with unique effects.

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