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Character Selection Not Working In-Game



Sorry, I'm at work and cannot provide a save just yet but I will ASAP if it will help.


The issue that I'm having now in 2.1 (did not have in 2.0 beta when I last played) is that selecting the third character with the number 3 key actually selects the first character. I only have four characters right now (Eder, main, Durance, and Aloth) but no matter what order I put them in the third character must be manually clicked on to select. Numbers 1, 2, and 4 all correspond to the correct party member.


I've tried to make sure I didn't remind any keys to make this happen but I don't see anything to suggest that I did. If this is a dumb mistake on my part then I'm sorry for taking your time. I'll try to provide more info when I can. Thank you.

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I'm running on Linux x86_64 with the most up to date patch available on GOG.


Everything was working just fine for many hours and then for no apparent reason pressing the '2' key on my keyboard no longer selects my 2nd party member, it instead selects the 1st party member. Hmm. I have no idea what could have caused this.

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