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bug - after today's update 2.01 - none of my save games load




I'm not good with words, so...trying to keep it simple:

- did the update; none of my save games work any more.

- Before it worked OK, played last time last night (10 hrs ago) - only problem i had was with Justice sword dissapearing = but what's 400 coppers between friends? :)

- Steam account/game; Linux system (linux Mint)

- saves are: 3 autosaves (copper lane, woddended plains and the bridge in between), 2 regular saves on copper lane and 2 on the bridge

- party status: i am cypher; rest are recruitable NPC's; 1.7 k xp before lvl 6 for each approx - except for the wolf lady who i've just piecked up

- how it behaves: I can enter game ok; see the menu; go to "load"; shows all my saves; choose one to load & push the button; goes OK to loading screen; stays a few seconds like it's loading

and after that... poof! it exists the game completly & closes the game


going to work now.

hope I'm the only one with the problem - if so - I'll restart when i get back home

but if other people have the same problem - please, do tell - maybe it can be fixed


Have the BEST day!


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