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AI Disengaging



Have noticed a bug that's extremely dangerous and frustrating.


It seems like, when I let my party members (mainly melee) go into the fray on their own with the AI controlling them, they will break engagement multiple times to get to an enemy they've arbitrarily chosen. It shouldn't be this way; if they get engaged, unless you've given them a direct command to leave engagement, they shouldn't.


I'm not sure why it's not working this way already; the enemy AI doesn't break engagement arbitrarily, neither should your party. On higher difficulties, this can mean squishier fighters being instagibbed if you don't pay close attention.


Now, obviously, the solution is to turn the AI off and do everything manually... but that kind of defeats the point, doesn't it?




Edit: upon further looking, it also appears sometimes your character will disengage even though they aren't moving away/aren't moving at all. Sometimes it happens in rapid succession. My druid went into melee (don't ask) against 2 skeletons and engaged with both of them. No other enemies present. After engaging with them, one of them randomly hit her with a disengagement damage. Not sure why or how, she didn't move. And upon further looking at my combat logs, the exact same thing happened to my fighter when he went in (same fight). Something clearly screwy here.

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Guess it would help to have an option in the A.I. menu for letting your characters break engagement.


Like the "Use per-rest abilities" button, but "Disengage". If you tick it, A.I. will disengage to get to whatever target was chosen; if you don't tick it, engagement makes your men stick.


Perhaps Aarik could bring this up to the dev team as a suggestion?

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The AI in 2.00.76 White March worked pretty well. They didn't disengage unless you manually told them to go attack or move out of the engagement link. The recent patch code did a number on the White March or Pillars system.


It's hard to say what will fix it since they probably don't know why X was broken to begin with. They haven't had much time to debug and reverse engineer the issue.


Is this an issue from the 2.01 patch or the base 2.00 PX1 release?

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It still happens now. All you have to do to reproduce is turn on party AI and walk into a fight with multiple enemies. Watch your party get torn to shreds as they run around like headless chickens completely ignoring engagement and picking random enemies to run after.

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